Visit to Qian Hu Fish Farm

15 December 2006 at 6.05 pm | Posted in Outings | 1 Comment

With some free time on hand, we have decided to the famous Qian Hu Fish Farm and introduce Nicole to the world of commercial fish breeding. The farm is located at a rather inaccessible part of Singapore call Jalan Lekar, off Sungie Tengah Road. As we drove nearer to the farm, we were welcomed by farm lands and plantations on the sides of the road. It felt like we were travelling back in time.

With prominent sign postings everywhere, we made it to the farm effortlessly.

From what we can see, I would estimate that the size of the farm was about two football fields. We parked our car and began peering at all the fascinating fishes.

Some of the fishes were quite scary in their appearance and Nicole got a fright.

We learnt that fishes can be quite expensive. I wonder who buys these fishes. I certainly will not spend so much money on something that can go belly up the next day.

The centre of attraction on the farm would be the Luo Han fish exhibits.

These strange fishes are really expensive too.

There is also a gallery displaying many of the more popular fishes.

We were intrigued by these fishes that looked like tiny snakes.

No outing is complete without a trip to the washroom.

Words of wisdom were found in the toilet.

The farm also has facilities to keep children occupied.

If you are hungry there is a snack bar.

The Managing Director of Qian Hu, Mr. Kenny Yap, is obviously not shy about promoting himself and the farm. News articles about him lined the walls.

Besides fishes, the farm also sells accessories for the fish rearing enthusiasts.

Of course, no trip is complete without shopping!

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